The bleed continues

Gijs Verhoeff
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If you thought there was something fishy about daps and Chet both leaving CS:GO right around the same time, then you can take off your tin foil hat now - because you were right.

They are reportedly both re-joining NRG - but in that bad Overwatch/Rainbow Six/CS:GO knock off - along with s0m who's said to be leaving Gen.G as well.

We're not sure who's going to be reinforcing Gen.G now, but - let's be honest here - anything's an improvement over the disappointment that the roster has been so far. cxzi has been standing in for daps so far in EPL, but with s0m's move not even confirmed, there's not much news on that front.

These players would be joining the long list of VALORANT haemorrhages - that's a fancy word for bleeding, we like to sound cool - with for example Swole Patrol disbanding earlier in September for their players' second try at a VALORANT career.

October 1, 2020

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