The Boombl4 comeback tour

Harry Richards
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CIS Insider Overdrive has been tweeting about the new Boombl4 team for months, and it’s been different every single time.

This time, though, might be final. Maybe. No promises.

He reckons 1Win will be scrapping the core of their old team, leaving just deko and travis.

They’ll add the big boom to replace them, as well as ex-Entropiq duo Nickelback and Forester.

Nickelback’s presence means that Boombl4 — who was basically just a Russian nexa that happened to have three of the best players in the world in NAVI — won’t have to be the IGL, returning to the star roles he had in Winstrike in years gone by.

Forester’s presence is also exciting, a stable rifler who nearly joined Cloud9 this winter.

The gem of this team, however, is deko. The 21-year-old AWPer has been building some buzz for years, an uber-talented young gun who has hit a glass ceiling in a frankly ridiculous sniper pipeline.

s1mple, sh1ro, and w0nderful have the three best CIS teams’ sniping slot on lock. There’s even m0NESY, headtr1ck, and degster in Europe. deko is yet another AWPer to develop, and this team is his best, maybe his only, shot at gaining even more notoriety.

Breaking into the top twenty with a new lineup, though, is not easy without a partner slot. And, let’s be real, FaZe, and G2 aren’t losing sleep over the prospect of this team. There’s a decent chance 1WIN end up just like Apeks, losing in open qualifiers again and again before everyone forgets they ever existed.

But, with deko and Forester, there’s a real chance we get yet another upset machine; another forZe or Spirit that pops up at a few events every year to ruin someone’s day. Then, those big guns might regret those extra few hours of sleep.

February 2, 2023

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