The Brazilian last dance

Gijs Verhoeff

Illustration by NovaH. Source: Liquid&Parimatch

We're actually not sure how well these guys know their Samba, but we do know for sure they know their dance partners well.

FalleN, coldzera, fer, and fnx are apparently linking back up to relive their former glory. Again. These guys are linking back up more often than they've won majors at this point. And guess what, last time didn't work out either...

To be honest, we're not entirely convinced the Brazilians are after big results. They might just want to relax in a roster together one last time, give it a final shot, and play under a nice organisation for a substantial amount of money. Did we say that out loud? Wait, no. Write that out... loud?

Problem is, so far the team hasn't been linked with TACO. And we all know cold without TACO is no better than that one baiter in your MM team.

Although, there is the Prophecy. No, it couldn't be. Unless...

Alright, there is this ancient text, this... Saying. Some call it a 'copypasta', others call it a bad joke. We had to dig it from the bottoms of the HLTV forums, but we found it. It reads as follows:

"No fnx, no major"

We know, we know. Crazy right? But crazy might just be enough.

We're just glad they aren't implicating some poor young SA talent... yet.

November 11, 2021

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