The Case for kids

Sebastian Lalic
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All Esports teams try to be on the cutting edge. Sometimes, this involves being inspired by recent events. Like when someone at Case saw what Arkansas was doing and went “we have to get in on that”.

Enter Snowzin, the 15-year-old prodigy picked up by the Brazillian org.

Previously the baby-aged assassin spent time on Godsent’s and Log Grandes’  academy teams going largely unnoticed. He wasn’t destroying stats the way m0NESY did, in fact, his stats weren’t impressive at all. He has a career average of 0.94 HLTV rating.

That’s bang average until you remember: He’s 15. If he’s already competing and doing well enough now, imagine what he could do in the future. Most players improve astronomically between the ages of 15 and 20 with their peak coming around 22.

With Snowzin already surrounded by pros ready to teach him, who knows what peak he can reach? There’s even potential for him to grow into the next superstar that wins nothing on FURIA.

In all seriousness, Brazil has had a serious drought of competitive teams at the top recently.

If there was a plan, maybe copying Brazillian football teams could be the play. Produce wonder kids en masse, keep them for as long as possible, and then profit.

We’ve played enough Football Manager to know that’s the road to success.

March 12, 2023

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