The Colossus and the bit-part contenders

Elliott Griffiths
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When HenryG called his new Cloud9 line-up a 'colossus', we rolled our eyes and chuckled. But when you compare them to half a MIBR roster, half a Dignitas roster, 80% of MAD Lions and Gen.G, and the full roster of Envy, he might have had a point.

Flashpoint 2 has been announced with a $1m prize pool - which, by the way is less than ALEX's contract is worth. It's barely even worth winning for him. The list of teams is... well it could be stronger, especially if any of the teams had their full line-up.

FPX dropped out, unsurprisingly. Who would have guessed giving your new GM one month to build a good team would be a bad idea?

What does all of it mean? It means, that if North do qualify for, or get invited to, FLASHPOINT, they have a good chance of winning it. Hell, we're thinking of putting together a team and trying in the open qualifiers.

Anyway, back to Cloud9. They've found a fourth piece of Flashpoint Exodia by... re-signing floppy. The guy who turned them down originally to stay with his mates. $eems an odd thing for him to renege on, but he's on comfortably the best roster in the tournament now, instead of being on no org at all.

Maybe it was just odd for him to not sign in the first place.

Who's going to be the 5th? Well we're not sure, but Astralis does have two players sitting on the bench, that would look pretty tasty for someone with a large chequebook and a championship winning mentality. Just saying.

October 8, 2020

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