The Colossus of Dopes

Elliott Griffiths
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If you thought the old Cloud9 era was short, the honeymoon period of one whole round for this line-up was even shorter.

Even King Henry VIII had longer honeymoon periods, and he did some more beheading than Cloud9 too.

The Colossus looked really, really scary. In the pistol round, before losing the next seven. They went on to get 2-0'd by Virtus.Pro, which is not the start anyone would have wanted. Unless, you don't like Cloud9. We guess that's an acceptable position too.

What's possibly the most worrying factor is the guy who got the most kills is the guy who gets paid the least. mezii is the bargain butcher, and now we know all this because HenryG released all of the contract details, and he spoke all about it.

Even though The Colossus was an absolute wedge, it pales in comparison to the rumoured price they're potentially going to pay for ONE League of Legends player, which is $5m buyout + at least $1.5m a year. So, basically, it's all okay. es3tag was cheap, really.

Could be worse, anyway. You could be OG, who have had months to be better than a team employing Xizt in 2020, and they still only got to 15 rounds. In two maps.

November 12, 2020

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