The Copenhagen Conundrum

Phillip Rasmussen
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If Denmark doesn't get a Major soon, we'll damn well riot.

Maybe Valve just got really tired of Astralis winning four of their events in a row, or maybe there's something we don't see.

What we do see however, is that this weekend's Blast Premier-event, showed that Copenhagen could host a Major soon.

The crowd is there, the passion is there, the infrastructure is there and the home teams are definitely there. A Major in Copenhagen would be hype.


We need to have a word with you Danes, if you do get a Major.

You obviously love CS:GO enough to turn up in your thousands, so why the hell do you leave right when you get to watch the best in the world battle it out?

For a Major in Copenhagen to be a success, the home soil fans will need to not let FalleN, s1mple or ZywOo turn Royal Arena into the biggest library in the world.

So here's our promise. If you do stay to cheer even when Astralis or Heroic are knocked out, we'll help you get a Major.

Oh and we wouldn't mind if Blast hosted it either.

November 28, 2021

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