The death of NA (again)

Elliott Griffiths
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Do you remember last edition of this newsletter?

We hope you do. It was three days ago. We talked about EG beating Heroic. NA was on top of the world and Evil Geniuses were back. Brehze was top 10 in the world all over again.

Yeah. Since then, NA are 2-8 in maps at BLAST, and those two wins were against a fellow NA team.

After Complexity (supposedly) kicked up a fuss about k0nfig playing, FaZe were left with es3tag, who presumably Complexity were happier about.

es3tag went 31-9 in a 16-9 Overpass win.

Liquid were soundly beaten by OG, while Evil Geniuses’ honeymoon period lasted one series. They got tonked 16-1 by Vitality to lose 0-2.

Still, Liquid picked up a win, at least. They dismantled Complexity on Anubis before outclassing them on Overpass, leaving NA in exactly the same place as it was in 2022. Relying on Liquid not soiling the sheets.

Elsewhere, FaZe shrugged off the rust to close out a series over OG, HooXi went negative in a G2 victory (obviously) and headtr1ck impressed, but couldn’t topple his old team as b1t and s1mple were better players than everyone on NIP.

Like, obviously.

January 22, 2023

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