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Gijs Verhoeff
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  • DonHaci obviously reads the TLDR, because he always get his Diamond Coin.
  • This is STYKO. STYKO got dropped by his organisation. STYKO didn't use a twitlonger to announce. STYKO was considerate. Be like STYKO. Also, farlig to Astralis?
  • We like to think voo is the only reason G2 made it so far.
  • A series of events worthy of a Final Destination movie.
  • Some of you might not know who SpawN is - and that's a damn shame, because it makes some of us feel very old.
  • Clearly this guy bought the wrong tickets...
  • Row, row, row your boat, cheering for NAVI... Merrily, merrily, s1mple's MVP!
  • The real meaning of vacJ...
November 7, 2021

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