The f0rest regrows

Elliott Griffiths
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Source: ESL / Sarah Cooper

2021 Counter-Strike is a weird landscape. Astralis, Liquid, FaZe, MIBR... they're all falling off. But one thing that never dies, is f0rest.

And somehow, he's still good. Dignitas are actually getting better, and the team that looked like the ghost of NiP is actually getting better and better.

f0rest reckons they might be able to be a legit contender, and while we want to disagree, we're quickly learning not to doubt the legendary Swede. If f0rest says Dignitas will be the best team in the world, then goddamnit we believe it.

Sure, they ended up bowing out to Spirit, but at least they didn't lose 16-1, eh Astralis? Great teams have fallen at the feet of the Team Spirit beast at BLAST, and Dig can take more pride in having beaten Team Liquid 2-0.

The resurgence of Lekr0 and the reinvigoration that comes from adding new blood has breathed new life into the old ninjas, and how much fun would it be to see f0rest kicking it with the big boys again?

2021 is weird, and nothing is weirder than Dignitas being good again. This just confirms our suspicions - GeT_RiGhT was holding f0rest back. Don't tell anyone, though.

April 18, 2021

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