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Elliott Griffiths
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Source: Prodigy Agency. Illustration by NovaH

HLTV's top 20 came to a close yesterday, and while we think their list is complete nonsense, we feel we have to at least pretend it's legitimate.

They use stats and trophies and people's actual performances to decide who were the best 20 players of the year. Have you heard anything quite as ridiculous? Where's the room for how much of a baller they are?

s2mple once more fell short of the top spot, losing out to the greatest CSGO prodigy the world has ever seen. In two years at top level CSGO, ZywOo has won the HLTV #1 spot, twice. We couldn't call it between them, and don't envy the job of the person who had to.

If there's one thing to learn from this, it's to stay in school until you're 18. Worked for ZywOo, anyway.

The full, crazy, list is found here. How can you take it seriously when it doesn't even have aizy hamfisted in there for character continuity?

For us, the biggest surprise is that ropz is only 7th. The guy has been phenomenal all year, and while it's hard to put him above the top three, we personally think he's been better than BlameF and NiKo, for example.

Oh, and HEN1 at 16th is amusing given he just got cut, for a relatively unknown guy who doesn't speak the language and a guy named after a car company.

January 21, 2021

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