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Elliott Griffiths
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UKCS is back!

Back into IEM Fall, at least, as fnatic took down Eternal Fire in the final game of their qualifiers, kicking the Turkish team out - a pretty disappointing result, given 12/16 qualified. Eesh.

Once again mezii stood out as the top rated player on fnatic, weirdly. The 'glue' player on Cloud9 has shown a surprising amount of ability as a carry player, and was enough to just about sneak fnatic through the backdoor in 9-12th. All results and standings on that link, by the way.

FaZe qualified without a hiccup, 2-0'ing OPAA (Gangnam Style), which, while not a massive surprise, is encouraging. No messing around. Endpoint helped fly the UK flag as they moved past SAW, while ENCE survived a scare to qualify first time around against Aura.

Sinners were the team who kicked fnatic down to the lower bracket, and Movistar dominated Eternal Fire. Not looking good for the Turkish superteam - though, that might be to be expected.

MAD Lions skipped through at the second attempt, inching past Anonymo, after they originally lost to Dignitas.

IEM Fall Europe line-up is looking CRAZY, with absolutely nobody being able to tell you who is going to win it. No Gambit, no NaVi due to it being a European event - this is gonna be wild.

September 16, 2021

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