The first of four great weeks

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by Crash_ Source: Fnatic&NiP

Two more days to wait before the big Pro League day.

We couldn’t be more excited. Well, we could, but not while fully clothed and clean.

Group A begins on Wednesday around midday - or if you’re Australian, the same sentence but upside down. That’s important, because the Aussie Aussie Aussies (oi oi oi) are up to bat first off, as LookingForOrg go mano a mano with the mighty G2.

While our hopes aren’t crazy for LFO, we’re excited to see sterling back in God’s own continent. The AWPer is one of the most exciting prospects in Australia, and has been spoken about as someone who could leave Oceania and make a career elsewhere.

Game two sees Entropiq and MOUZ, in a game that decides forever if MOUZ are tier one or tier two. Pretty important, really. Entropiq have become what BIG used to be - a solid upset team who reliably beat weaker teams, but there are of course extraneous circumstances that might hinder them.

MOUZ really need a win to prove doubters wrong, but Entropiq are not a team we would want to go against in those circumstances.

The final two teams in Group A are NIP and fnatic, or as we’re dubbing it, the Brollan derby. Nobody knows which team Brollan will (or indeed, won’t) turn up for, and we’re kinda hoping it’s a winner takes all scenario.

If you win the game, you get the boy. Like winning back Peach at the end of a Mario game, or like divorce court.

Then they all have to play each other every day ‘til Sunday, before we go again next week. But we’ll save Group B for next week’s newsletter.

Source: ESL
March 9, 2022

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