The King's gambit

Elliott Griffiths
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Alright, olof might not be back.

kennyS, though, is. He and NiKo helped dismantle a tired FaZe with 101 combined kills over just two maps. NiKo took over on the CT side of Dust 2 after rain did the same for FaZe. Now, imagine if you had NiKo and rain together, what they could do.

olof is struggling at the moment, mustering up just the 27 kills in this series. We know they call him the king, but we didn't think they meant like in chess, where the king lounges around not doing much and needs the other pieces to protect him.

Speaking of chess pieces, xyp9x is like the knight - because that (roster) move looks like an L. How do we come up with this stuff?

It wasn't his fault, though. gla1ve had a stinker as Astralis got mashed to pieces by the triple threat of NaVi. Yes, triple threat. Perfecto blew the Danes up on Overpass, and s1mple and electronic did their usual.

With Astralis and FaZe out, that opens the door for someone different to win a tournament.

Is what we would say, a year ago when everything made sense. But now, NaVi, G2, Heroic, Vitality, Complexity and BIG as the winners is, somehow, just normal. Maybe LANs will change that, but we've got a sneaky suspicion these 'online' teams will transition just fine.

November 19, 2020

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