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Elliott Griffiths
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It’s a funky looking top ten.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, HLTV’s ranking update includes some teams who, pre-Major, were totally unforeseen. GamerLegion sneak into seventh - seventh! - while Apeks and Monte break top ten for the first time as an organisation.

Which shouldn’t be a surprise, but some weirdos will still try to tell you NIP or FURIA should be there for being lacklustre but at big events instead of being good at smaller ones.

In fact, it’s a genuine argument against the Louvre Agreement and the BLAST partnerships. These three teams have worked their way into the top ten without all the handouts and benefits of being in the agreement.

It turns out having to play against tier 2 teams and be better than them all the time is better for your level of play than qualifying for free at every event. Who knew?

At the top end of it, Vitality have the coveted 1000 points, probably because they smashed everyone at the Major without dropping a map, while FaZe somehow limp on to hold onto third.

NAVI manage to scrape fourth, with Cloud9 and G2 just after. Those three didn’t make playoffs at the Major, and C9 didn’t even make Challengers. The teams outside of the top two right now are not in great shape.

One could argue only Vitality look any good right now. Well, and GamerLegion, but people get angry when you say that.

Also, half of their team will probably get bought in the upcoming player break, leaving only Vitality and Heroic in group stages as the good teams.

Seems fine!

May 26, 2023

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