The Lord of the Underworld, risen again

Elliott Griffiths
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If you hadn’t realised BLAST Showdown was on, then we don’t entirely blame you. It’s an eclectic mix of teams, some of which have transitional rosters, duking it out for a spot at a bigger tournament.

The more casual among you might skip it. The more hardcore recognise that that is where the diamonds are.

To sum it up, it started with OG vs NIP, where smooya stood in for degster and Aleksib is still playing. Thankfully, NIP did win relatively convincingly, and the stand-in looked mediocre. We’re not sure we could have taken the HLTV threads if smooya played well.

Cloud9 banged out Copenhagen Flames, sending them to the low- never mind, it’s single elimination. We definitely knew that.

Rare Atom pushed BIG to three maps, once again showing they’re no pushovers. Y’know, except for them getting smushed on Overpass. That wasn’t pretty.

There was one result worth crowing about for fans of upsets, though, as fnatic were eliminated in round one by 9INE. We have to admit; it’s nice seeing hades win and play well again. The less said about the AWPer he outperformed, the better.

Over in America, there’s little in the way of surprises. paiN edged out MIBR, and Liquid ran through Nouns in two. Obviously.

March 30, 2023

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