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Elliott Griffiths
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Welcome to the m0NESY show.

We all knew from his debut on G2 that it was merely a matter of time before this skinny little child took over the whole world. The reign of the child king is finally upon us.

m0NESY has made the group stage of ESL Pro League look like the academy league that he obliterated not that long ago, as he has been scything through some of the best teams in the world.

A 1.88/1.56 series against FaZe was probably the highlight, as m0NESY showed that the new G2 might finally be the team that breaks the G2 curse.

Might be, we must stress. We haven’t seen them in a final against a substitute, just yet.

They did go 10-0 in the group stage, though, as they swept everybody away with relative ease. Even HooXi’s been fragging, that’s how easy it’s been. NiKo and m0NESY are both in the top three players at the event, and HooXi is only -12 in ten consecutive map wins.

Maybe HooXi is onto something great.

BIG and Outsiders both took G2 to OT - BIG did it twice - but G2 refused to be beaten every single time they were down and pulled out ten back-to-back wins to top the group with ease.

Watch out, world. G2 are finally, finally back.

Well, they’re here, at least. Maybe for the first time ever.

September 11, 2022

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