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Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: Dreamhack

Do you remember when B1t joined NaVi, and we told you that flamie was not a real 6th man and they were just replacing him in front of his own eyes?

Anyway, completely unrelated, coldzera is joining Complexity while k0nfig is out, and definitely won't be a long term replacement for any players on that team, especially not any Australian ones.

blameF got bored of waiting and baiting, and decided now to just be a chad entryfragger after binning off RUSH, and gave up lurking privileges to jks - but if you're going to have someone bait you, it might as well be the guy who was famously good at baiting.

coldzera is such an interesting case; he's not been fantastic since leaving MIBR, and there's a feeling he might have a case of the 'device syndrome' - he was incredible in one system built around him, but his ability to replicate it might be diminished.

blameF is a decent IGL, but he's shown little to suggest he's more brains than brawn. Figuratively speaking, anyway.

He's not out-calling great IGLs, and instead is out-fragging them. Whether or not he can do what other great IGLs have failed at, and reignite coldzera's spark, remains to be seen - but we have our doubts.

His first game will be against FaZe, though. That's fun. Really, really fun.

September 12, 2021

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