The most anticipated AWP battle of all times (ish)

Elliott Griffiths
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Source: Na`Vi

Prime s1mple vs (past his) Prime Markeloff. Who wins?

Well, s1mple. Obviously. Like, why is this even a debate? But if you're not convinced, boy do NaVi have a treat for you.

NaVi's Boomers v Zoomers pits their 2010 roster against their current roster, with the winner hopefully being the roster they go forward with.

That means Zeus, starix, markeloff, Edward and ceh9 will be taking to the server one last time together. Against s1mple. Good freaking luck.

s1mple apparently said on his stream that he would be treating this game like a showmatch and trying to knife people, which is fun and all, but we really wanted to see him try and break the world record for kills in a game.

This is all going down on the 1st August, so if you're missing CS like the rest of us, tune in!

July 23, 2020

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