The MOUZ trap

Elliott Griffiths
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It never rains, but it pours.

That’s the theme of the Roobet Cup for many teams; not least MOUZ.

MOUZ have been… hmm, what’s a kind way of putting this… f*cking dreadful this year. Losing to teams you’ve never heard of, losing to teams their academy team are beating, losing in finals to stand-ins… a whole lot of losing.

Still, at least they wouldn’t lose to Eternal Fire in a best of three. They smashed the Turkish superteam 16-2 on Nuke, and then…

Lost the series. With their former AWPer dropping 32 on the decider.

It’s not like there are any easy fixes, either. They’ve had issues with their IGL and star players all year, but it’s not like their academy team is the best in the world and the IGL of that team was fragging out in the academy league or anything.

Ah, never mind.

Complexity are equally rubbish, but at least they lost to Cloud9 and Astralis; that’s understandable.

FURIA weren’t much better, as they and Outsiders both failed to get out of a group with forZe and 9z; with FURIA losing two best of threes to 9z. arT’s magic appears to be waning, and saffee hasn’t stopped this team being inconsistent.

You can bet your last dollar on them still beating someone decent next week, though.

OG and Entropiq went out in group A, which was mostly expected; and we’re used to OG disappointing permanently.

June 26, 2022

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