The omega and the alpha

Elliott Griffiths
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Yes yes, we know. This season just ended. We should be getting excited about a potential Brazilian shuffle or where exactly iM and BOROS might be going, but we’re all into Counter-Strike for one reason.

To watch… Counter-Strike. We thought that was obvious.

Thankfully the wait won’t be too long - short enough in fact that Cologne invites (and supposedly roster lock) have been sent out and announced this week. Hilariously, there’s no ‘Local Hero’ invite, presumably because BIG’s academy team qualified so the main team can’t get offered a spot.

All the big teams you’d expect have invites for the main stage - Vitality, Heroic, ENCE, Cloud9, FaZe, G2, NAVI and… GamerLegion. Without, we’d imagine, at least one of the players who has got them to this position.

Still, you can’t really complain. They were Major finalists, and if one of the ‘bigger’ teams wants to suggest they should be above them, they should have proved it when it mattered.

Similarly, Apeks, Monte and Into the Breach picked up much-deserved invites to the Play-In, where we’ll hopefully see some more of what we saw in Paris. 9INE, fnatic, FURIA and a bunch of others will hopefully show us something completely different.


We still have no idea what game they’ll be playing, mind you.

There’s still a chance that CS2 doesn’t come out until the end of the year (or perhaps later; who on Earth knows), which would make the Major one of the first CS2 events. Which we now have dates for.

God we’re good at segues.

The RMRs begin on Valentine’s Day and end at the start of March, with the Major starting on the 17th March and ending on the final day of March, allowing all of us to be massively hungover for April Fool’s Day and hopefully sleep through all the ‘jokes’.

We’re already prepping our ‘Vitality won the Major? Must be an April Fool’s joke!’ tweet.

June 15, 2023

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