The Pinnacle of Counter-Strike

Elliott Griffiths
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Panic stations!

FURIA decided to announce they were planning to win tournaments with this line-up on the same day that they got battered by Wisla Krakow, which is excellent optics, we must say.

They weren’t the only ones, either; they and fnatic were both invited to Pinnacle Cup, both given a bye into the quarter-finals, and both exited in their first game.

So these teams are just doomed. Unlucky.

Well, let’s give them a bit of leeway. This was their first games back after the player break, and they came in cold against teams who had had... well, the rest of the tournament to warm up.

Wisla Krakow didn’t even take a break. These guys have been grinding harder than Bob Burnquist. That might be a dated reference - almost as stuck in the past as Brazilian Counter-Strike.

fnatic also had to play Apeks, who are on paper an extremely solid team. While we weren’t expecting AcilioN to be up there, we’re very happy to see jkaem looking hot again.

Like, in the server. He never stopped being hot outside of it.

Apeks lost the final to K23, who also managed to bin off Heroic en route to the final. They’re becoming something of a thorn in Denmark’s side, recently; as pointed out by Pimp on Twitter.

K23 are becoming a real problem in the tier 2 scene as they’re killing off the middle of the pack and dealing with the tier 1 teams who dare to enter their realm.

Keep an eye on ‘em.

February 3, 2022

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