The real series begin

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After a weekend of watching some of the best teams in the world only be allowed to play BO1s, we’ve finally reached the BO3 stage of the BLAST Premier Fall Groups where OG battled Complexity and NIP took on Evil Geniuses in elimination matches.

OG opened the week’s games with a dominant 2-0 victory over Complexity.

The North Americans attempted to make a comeback on the first map, going from being down 4-11 at the half to an eventual 113-16 scoreline. But on the second map, Overpass, they got just four rounds.

Every member of OG ended the game with a positive rating, but no one came close to touching the performance put on by degster who ended up with a 1.49 rating and a 47/27 KD. On Overpass, he died just 9 times while netting 24 kills.

OG has won themselves a matchup with FaZe on Friday, when they’ll fight for the rights to go up against Astralis on Saturday.

In the second matchup of the day, NIP took on EG’s main roster.The two traded 16-7 victories to open the series, with NIP winning Nuke and EG winning Overpass.

In the closing map 3, NiP’s whole team showed up, with four of the players breaking 1.15 ratings. Just one of EG’s players, autimatic, had over a 1.0 rating.

NIP moved on to face off against Liquid today with their win, while EG was eliminated, just another failure for their current roster project.

In the third game of the day, G2 went head-to-head with BIG.

m0NESY started the series with a fantastic pistol ace, and he really didn’t get worse from there. He ended the 2-0 series with a 1.73 rating at the top of the team.

He, huNter-, and NiKo ended the series with a +72 kd as they dominated BIG.

It was a pitiful performance by BIG, who had just one player end a map with a positive KD, and that was syrsoN on Vertigo who ended up with a 1.08 and a +1 kd.

G2 will head into a matchup with Vitality, a matchup that has gone from being French v French to Mixed European v Mixed European, but I guess they’re technically probably still rivals.

Either way, they might not want to win, because the winner gets a date with NaVi, and s1mple is back.

August 25, 2022

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