The Return of the f0rsakeN

Gijs Verhoeff
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  • Weibo is reportedly putting together a roster featuring f0rsaken. No, not the "100% HS" forsaken, but the "xccurate's younger brother" f0rsakeN.
  • Heroic showed us how G2's bomb-defusal curse goes both ways apparently.
  • It seems like niko just has bad eyes. And here we thought that good eyes were needed to be good in CS:GO. That's one less excuse to use during our MM games.
  • Chaos apparently don't know how to read clocks, which makes steel wonder how they get paid  on time. With that name we're not surprised, Josh.
  • According to kioShima, Davidp would rather play Valorant than MDL. Is the French drama ever really over?
  • GODSENT are looking to replace Maikelele with Danish youngster farlig from Copenhagen Flames. The AWP'er was a break-out player at Flashpoint Season 1, and is touted as one of the biggest upcoming talents in Denmark.
  • Reddit user Barabulyko fixed a mistake in the Deagle's equipping animation in a pretty original way. Dislocating thumbs Far-Cry 3 style, nice.
  • Ave, former North coach, is looking to make his return to the scene. 1v1 with Jumpy for who gets to play in North's next match?
May 21, 2020

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