The rubble of the Colossus

Elliott Griffiths
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Look, we really enjoyed mocking Cloud9. Hell, when you call yourself the 'Colossus', you're kinda asking for it.

But that doesn't mean that it was entirely fair, and there's a lot of people who ended up hurt from that. One of those people was Josh Micks, who gave an interview with HLTV.

Of course, you don't have time to read all that, so we did it for you.

  • The players never got to meet each other in person, and that combined with the expectations made it a very difficult situation for the Cloud9 boys. m1cks thinks without COVID, it would have gone very differently.
  • It wasn't the salaries and buyouts that affected them, more the expectations and stress. The 'personal comments' made the whole experience unenjoyable.
  • "I learned Xeppaa was joining my team via an HLTV article, so the communication of the team was a bit poor at times." (We're going to assume he meant TLDR newsletter here.)
  • floppy was super unhappy living in Serbia, and so part of the reason they signed Xeppaa was to help him settle. That's why they had ALEX AWP - there were no good NA AWPers available.
  • He also suggests that ALEX might be a top 5 IGL, having a great idea of what he wants to do and not being stubborn about trying things - but a fear of losing stopped Cloud9 from executing his plans perfectly.
  • MSL 'opened his eyes' to how to play tactical CS, and suggests JT is quite similar. ALEX allows a bit more freedom.
  • Oh, and he's willing to move to Europe if you're looking for a coach.
May 23, 2021

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