The saviours of NA?

Elliott Griffiths
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North America, rise up once more. Death no longer will hold you back. From the ashes, rises a phoenix.

Alright, that’s perhaps a tad grandiose.

We mentioned in passing last time out that M80 were looking to enter CSGO, and enter CSGO they have. Headline pick-ups of newsletter-favourite malbsMd and NA’s newest star Swisher make this team look already like it might be the best team in NA.

You might scoff at that, but… we’ve watched Complexity and Evil Geniuses play already. The bar is so low you can’t even do limbo with it.

reck, maNkz and WolfY make up the other three, who can all go under the radar but are all very solid players. maNkz was the leader of a consistently overperforming ECSTATIC team, WolfY was hardened in the fires of fnatic Rising and reck looked very good in a brief spell with ATK.

The two stars, though, are what push this team into top tier. In NA. That’s an important caveat.

Swisher had been talked up as a potential replacement for ELiGE or FaNg due to his consistent dominance in regional match-ups, while malbsMd is an explosive-if-quicksilver rifler with expert first bullet accuracy.

Will this team take over the world? Almost certainly not.

Will it save NA? Absolutely. This might be the best NA team ever. Probably. Alright, maybe not. But we do hope it can bring a little bit of joy to a region in desperate need of it.

M80 consists of:

🇺🇸 Swisher
🇺🇸 reck
🇺🇸 WolfY
🇩🇰 maNkz (IGL)
🇦🇷 malbsMd
🇬🇧 dephh (coach)

July 16, 2023

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