The shambles of Group A

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH

Do you remember how we talked about how MOUZ and Entropiq were the only teams who had their full rosters and had to really show up?

Well, Entropiq did.

The only teams who weren’t completely shambolic were NIP, which should raise alarm bells in itself, and Entropiq. Maybe it’s harsh on LFO, but they did lose to MOUZ.

fnatic started off in shambles, playing three stand-ins at the same time, and still qualified. Maybe it’s harsh to call them shambolic, but they literally had three stand-ins. They came top three. Top three!

poizon, in fairness, was absolutely incredible. As fnatic beat G2 (yes, really) he dropped 36 on map one and 27 on map two - that’s 63 in 48 rounds. G2 got Aleksib back a little too late, and he was powerless to stop them from losing to Entropiq.

That game had a choke in map one from Entropiq and then G2 in map two.

MOUZ needed to win three of their five games, and a 2-0 over G2 would suggest they’d get through. Alas, no. Even though NBK dropped 37 on NIP on Vertigo, they lost that series after gloating about their firepower.

Still, NIP only had one stand-in. fnatic had three, so there’s no way they could lose that. They even won map one! They even won map one. Of course, of course, MOUZ managed to lose to NIP with a stand-in and fnatic with three.

G2 missed out on playoffs. MOUZ missed out. fnatic got in. NIP only lost their final game, to G2. Who were already out.

What a mess.

Still, at least we got to meet Ben. The father of LFO player SaVage who was also the stand-in coach for the team. We already prefer him to HUNDEN.

Maybe that’s not the scale we should judge him on.

Group A standings:

  1. 🇸🇪 NIP - 12p
  2. 🇷🇺 Entropiq - 12p
  3. 🇸🇪 fnatic - 9p
  4. 🇪🇺 MOUZ - 6p
  5. 🇪🇺 G2 Esports - 6p
  6. 🇦🇺 Looking for Org - 0p
March 13, 2022

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