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Elliott Griffiths
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BLAST Premier Showdown Spring 2022

Dragonites at the ready!

Movistar Riders will be at BLAST Showdown, as they won the Iberian qualifier - which normally wouldn’t be noteworthy, but it was against 00Nation.

You know, the Norwegian organisation with a South American team. We guess Spain is kinda half way between them.

The Spaniards have been really solid as of late, and while a win over 00Nation might not be a standout one, they have Pro League to really make some waves. Never underestimate them - they’re a very dangerous team.

We also regret to inform you that JW is back on his BS again.

Watching him yeet himself through a smoke and backstab the whole team about 20 seconds into the round in a game against f0rest and friberg is giving us some mad nostalgia. Happy to see the king back in action.

Sadly, they won’t be at BLAST Showdown, after Copenhagen Flames took them down despite Hellslayers taking map one. Sidenote, that’s a terribly cringeworthy name. You could have called yourself Players or something instead.

The third qualifier of the weekend was the Eastern European one, and the winner was Bad News Eagles, who we’ve previously mentioned as the first Kosovan team who might be at the Major.

They’ve had an incredibly successful month, having qualified for the RMR and now Showdown. We’re very excited to see what they bring, and it’s super cool to have new nations moving into the top tier of Counter-Strike.

Who are the players to watch out for? While gxx- is their highest rated player, their triple rifle threat is what makes them so dangerous; and picking any of those three would be reasonable.

In fact, given that it’s so hard to pick their best player means we should probably be talking about the IGL. What's more, that IGL is one of the triple threat riflers: sinnopsy. So, we’re going to pick him.

Glad we sorted that one out.

March 20, 2022

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