The Stairway to Rio

Jacob Bolvig
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The Road to Rio is a long and winding one, but even the longest journey's start with a single best-of-three, to paraphrase Lao Tzu.

Two groups of EIGHT teams in Europe take part in a round-robin of best-of-threes which is an INSANE amount of games for us to sit in our underwear and watch at home. Just... remember to eat. And wash your hands from time to time.

The first game starts on Wednesday, with two games at 3PM CET - Complexity vs Astralis and fnatic vs ENCE is the perfect starter, and Vitality vs NiP is a solid chaser to wash it down with.

Don't rest too much though - the NA version kicks off straight afterwards. There's back-to-back-to-back games from 3-some time after 10pm. Some of the Americas ones are a bit less interesting, but Gen.G vs 100 Thieves is not to be missed.

This occurs for a few days, then they take a day off on Monday, and then OH MY GOD THERE'S SIX DAYS OF GAMES.

Maybe not being able to go outside isn't all bad.

April 19, 2020

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