The tale of Eagles and Bears

Sebastian Lalic
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In the wildlands of the RMR, the Eagles and the Polar Bears are on opposite sides of the foodchain. The Eagles fly high and feast whilst The Bears can only get pieces of SAW. Sorry, we’ve been binging David Attenborough recently. What we meant to say was: Bad News Eagles have been flying at the European RMR despite their poor start.

The Eagles shook us by losing their first game to 1WIN, giving us hope to see a Boombl4 redemption and making us think that the Major Season hot shots of BNE had lost their spark. We shouldn’t have doubted them though because they proceeded to sweep anyone who dare step in their flight path. Viperio, Apeks, and even FaZe were all rendered immobile setting BNE up for a seeding meeting with Gamers Legion.

Three maps later, BNE beat GL and secured Legends in Paris. All the while, Virtus Pro was staring longingly at the feast BNE had.

The no-longer-outsiders came into the RMR as reigning major champions with high expectations on their shoulders, so they must’ve been relieved when they won game 1 vs. SAW. So much so that they let their guard down against the Ukrainian B8 squad to go into 1-1 bracket to face Into The Breach.

But surely they couldn’t lose to UK CS right? Wrong, they DID, which prompted shouts of its coming home whilst VP was concerned about going home. So Jame and VP management made a drastic call: Kair0N- goes home and n0rb3r7 comes back in. A move that, as you can imagine, raised quite a few questions on Twitter. But obviously, it proved correct when later they… were knocked out by MOUZ… right.

They looked just as bad if not worse with n0rb3r7 back in the fray and couldn’t even fight the mice from Hamburg. The reigning major champions won’t be at the Paris Major. Maybe Jame needed some more private time ;-)

Major Confirmed:

z - NAVI (3-0)

z - fnatic (3-0)

z - Into the Breach (3-1)

z - Bad News Eagles (3-1, won tiebreaker)

y - GamerLegion (3-1)

y - Apeks (3-2)

y -  OG (3-2)

x - MOUZ (3-2)

x- Contenders, y- Challengers, z- Legends

Last Chance Qualifier (2-3 teams):

FaZe Clan, Team Falcons, B8

Notable Eliminations:

1win, Virtus.Pro, Sprout

April 9, 2023

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