The weight of a region on young shoulders

Elliott Griffiths
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What was CIS dominance, looks more and more like it might just be Gambit dominance at DreamHack Masters.

Once more, if you're looking for any particular result or want see more details, click here - there's a lot to go through!

Team Spirit were dumped out by their regional brothers VP, who in turn were kicked out by G2. This left just Gambit and NaVi in the tournament, and they faced off. NaVi are now fighting for survival, after getting smashed by sh1ro and nafany.

s1mple couldn't carry NaVi, and similarly, ZywOo couldn't carry Vitality. Well, he could against Extra Salt, but against non-NA teams, you need more than one good player.

The wunderkind literally went 33-14 in a map loss against FURIA, who dumped Vitality out. 123 ADR, by the way. What's the point?

Vitality took down BIG and FURIA had beaten Complexity to get there - which is probably about where we thought those teams would finish. No surprises there.

We guess it's time to talk about Astralis. They got absolutely roasted by Heroic in the Danish derby, to the point where the hype of it being a derby seemed ridiculous. Just like when Sky Sports call it a 'Super Sunday' and it's like, Newcastle v West Brom.

Or the game gets cancelled. Maybe Astralis fans should have got on the server, or something.

May 2, 2021

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