The whambulance calls

Elliott Griffiths
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A coooooach… A managerrrrrr

  • A bunch of coaches on Twitter - led by m1cks - got all upset because BLAST were only sending players to the RMR, and not coaches.
  • There was a whole lot of anger and crying, but it was fixed within 10 hours of the original tweet. We’re not sure we could have dealt with more self-pity.
  • At least they have HLTV profiles, now.

Clip it and ship it

  • Impressive clip. Now imagine if you weren’t bad at AWPing.
  • We dread to think about what was going on in this game. This can’t be a good one to play in.


  • Anyone else feeling… what’s the Portuguese word for deja vu?
  • If in doubt, claim you were just ‘sh*t talking’, and everyone will believe you.
February 24, 2023

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