They weren’t saffee from a drop

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Illustration by NovaH.

The Last Dance? You sure about that?

As much as the Brazilian scene has to thank FalleN for everything he’s done I think we’ve reached the point of diminishing returns.

The rumours of FalleN and fer joining FURIA in place of saffee and drop is definitely one of the wildest ones we’ve heard in 2023. While the pair joining is amazing for the brand, it’s not so amazing for the team’s performance.

FURIA has been on a slippery slope as it is even with a strong roster but this just spells disaster.

You can’t help but think they made no attempt to use their brains if this deal does go through. Who knows. One could argue that’s also how arT calls the game, though, which probably explains a lot.

Now obviously, you can look at all the stats for FalleN and fer and see that they have been performing well BUT that is in tier 2 CS in NA… It’s hardly the environment you’d go to get a 32-year-old talent from yesteryear to improve your team to winning playoff.

Unless it’s PwnAlone.

Anyway, it might just be a rumour (and hopefully is) because lord knows Neymar will be their only supporter.

June 5, 2023

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