Thorin's Top 10 teams in the World

Elliott Griffiths
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We promised to give you less Thorin, but this time it's at least actually tangentially related to CSGO.

He released his top ten ranked teams, and the biggest difference between his list and HLTV's is that MAD Lions makes his in place of Team Vitality.

Look, we'd LOVE to tell you that he was biased for the FLASHPOINT team, and maybe he is. But he... he really does just have a point. Vitality are hard to describe with family friendly terms at the moment. They're... a bit toilet.

Both teams recently lost their IGL, but MAD Lions have gone from strength to strength without HUNDEN, losing only two series' at FLASHPOINT, while the ALEX-less Vitality are even more reliant on ZywOo and even less able to win a game.

Plenty would argue against Team Liquid being in the 'A' tier, but HLTV have them one ranking higher. At least the genie granted their wish of not being second all the time.

May 3, 2020

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