To kick a king

Elliott Griffiths
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Source: OG

Come at the Kingmaker, you best not miss.

NBK might be the first person to leave OG since the org came into CSGO, and this time it's before he's able to make a king.

We've thought for a while that OG should make a change, as the team has had a long time now and not really got any better. Whilst making the team less French can never be a bad thing, is changing your 5th player really the game-changing fix?

This indicates a few things -

  1. That Aleksib's coy will-they-won't-they "we're having a lot of discussions" comments were mostly nonsense, 'cause it seems their minds have been made up, and
  2. That they don't believe NBK will create a 'king' again, and that maybe he was just fortunate to be on good teams in the past. Who would have guessed?

There have been calls to replace ISSAA, as his performance hasn't been great as of late - but he is playing on 80 ping during the online era, which... well, we've played on 40 ping, and that's hard enough. But that's mostly just because we aren't very good.

OG are apparently "looking at benched players and those that were a part of organizations that closed their CS:GO division recently", which is very subtle guys. Nobody will be able to deduce who the 'orgs who closed their CS:GO division recently' could be.

It's clearly FaZe.

February 25, 2021

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