Tomi gives us nerd fuel

Elliott Griffiths
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The oft-maligned Tomi (and to be fair, oft-maligned by us) made a wonderful thread on the future of esports and why games are better than sports. Take that, Callum in Year 3 who bullied me for being a nerd.

Well, that's sort of true. The overarching theme is that the average age of sports watchers is increasing, and with time, esports will start to become the norm - especially when people like us have children. Now that is a scary thought - some members of TLDR haven't kissed a girl yet.

He mentioned that he could never be as good as LeBron James physically, and how who you are doesn't matter anywhere near as much in esports, which again, is useful for us nerds.

Honestly there are more great points in that thread that we could dissect, but we urge you to read the whole thing. It'll make you proud to be a nerd again. We truly rose up, gamers.

April 30, 2020

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