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Elliott Griffiths
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  • The Nouns project has already begun to crumble, with cxzi leaving the roster to find a new one after jeorgesnorts’ departure. They were quite promising, but the vultures picked off the impressive jeorge and left Nouns scrambling.
  • Even without him, Nouns found their way to a semi-final game with Complexity, which at the time of finalising the newsletter, hadn’t finished. But we assume Complexity won, because surely not even they could lose a semi-final to cJ and nosraC.
  • SAW broke back into the EPL Conference over Case, in the ESL Masters Spain Finals. Despite neither team being from Spain or speaking Spanish. Ah well.
  • ESL Challenger Melbourne has been announced for 2023, in late April. Ain’t that nice.
December 12, 2022

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