Tricked by the stars

Gijs Verhoeff
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It’s all a matter of time

  • 500 got lucky and were spared on the last map by Tricked as they had another appointment to be at. You don’t skip an appointment with Astralis.
  • SIXER turns back the clock (in a very important tournament) with a 1v4 clutch.

🌏 Roster unrest in the East

  • Looks like erkaSt is back. And so is BnTeT. Ladies and gents, we believe the proper term would be: pog.
  • Overdrive says Cloud9 is looking to replace interz. Players love to deny rumours, but Overdrive is usually right…

📺 Compilations you need to see

  • We miss D2 already. So, to keep the nostalgia going, NoSleep put together a nice compilation of Dust II plays worth watching.
  • An amazing caster compilation? We’ll take any chance we can to watch more Lau and Scrawny content.
December 5, 2022

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