Turns out UK is well represented at the RMR after all

Sebastian Lalic
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Next week the final RMRs of CS:GO are taking place. Yup, you read that right - read on for more. It will be the last chance for teams to qualify for a major and put themselves in the history books of Global Offensive.

The stakes have never been higher, which leads us to the most important question: Who do we tell to shut up and start game?

It’s a question no more! BLAST have announced the talent list for the RMRs and my god has the UK taken over.

Over at the European RMR we’re wondering if we should reverse Brexit to keep the Brits out of EU. Out of the 9 talent working the EU RMR, 7 are from the UK, 1 is Australian and finally Anders is the singular Dane. God save Anders

You might be assuming the Australian is SpunJ, but you’d be wrong. It’s actually LucyLuce, voice of many Impact casts and part of the Pro League just gone by. We’re glad to see her casting RMR and it’s only partly because she prevented another Brit from joining the list.

The rest of the list includes familiar faces with Harry and Hugo but it also includes: Hawka, Ne0kai, CodyCasts, Dinko and Jacky. Someone grab the UK-Away spray.

As for the Americas RMR, there’s less names but lots of name recognition.

Headlined by Scrawny and Launders, the Canadian duo so good it’d make NAF and Twistzz blush. They’re joined by Mauisnake, Moses, boq and DarfMike.

Last but not least, the Asia RMR. If you listen to our Overtime on Inferno podcast, you might recognise the first two names. YouM3 and TeaTime recently came on to talk all about Asian CS so it seems fitting that they’re working the Asia RMR. They’ll be joined by Australian duo Mac and Elfishguy which means there’s 1 Australian caster per Australian team at the Asia RMR.

Let’s hope the casters don’t fight over who gets to cast Loba’s games.

March 26, 2023

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