Twist and spout (nonsense)

Elliott Griffiths
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Small brain: telling people that you're making a roster move. Big brain: explaining why you're changing players to your adoring fans.

Galaxy brain, however, is saying you need 'new, positive and fresh energy' and using the word 'thus' in your explanation.

It's not the first time NiP have changed players with embarrassingly ornate vocabulary, either. When THREAT re-signed it was something about building a 'modern, top-tier esports organisation'. What, instead of all the ancient ones the Egyptians had?

When f0rest went, it opened up an 'incredibly exciting opportunity to rethink the way we approach and execute our competitive structure and make long term decisions.' Those long term decisions included signing Twist, and cutting him just over a year later.

That's not to say that cutting Twist is a bad idea. On the contrary, it was always a bit weird to have him on the roster with nawwk. nawwk is quite clearly a better version of Twist with the AWP, and forcing a primary AWPer into a rifling role just never works out long term.

Why we're the ones having to explain it to you is beyond us. Just say that, guys. PR talk is so inauthentic. Even if you'd said 'yeah Twist is crap lol' on Twitter instead it would have sounded better.

Damn, we haven't even talked about Twist's replacement.

His name is Erik Gustafsson, nickname "ztr", and he's apparently a bit of a baller. His last five games for NiP's talent team have all been losses, but what does it matter when you step up and go 46-40 in a BO3 win against Astralis in your NiP debut?

February 4, 2021

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