Twistzz becomes a legend

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by NovaH. Source: Twistzz

When we talk about the greatest players in Counter-Strike history - or at least CSGO history, which will come to a close in not too long of course - Twistzz rarely gets a mention.

It’s understandable; not only is he Canadian and has odd hair, he’s also low on MVPs and his overall rating doesn’t scream GOAT status. But, he does have one thing over every single other person to ever play the game.

Twistzz, yesterday, became the first person to ever wiun wo Intel Grand Slams, and with two separate teams at that. Two eras of dominance over the big IEM events, in two wildly different teams. Nobody else comes close.

As FaZe closed out a convincing win over Cloud9, it ended a lot of debates. It’s hard to suiggest karrigan is anything but the greatest IGL of all time; it’s hard to suggest ropz is a low-impact player for someone with his abiilty, as has been aimed at him before.

But instead, in Twistzz’ case, it started the debate. Can you be one of the greatest of all time, without ever being the best?

Twistzz has rarely been the best on his team, but he clearly has incredible impact and has been a part of two of the best teams. It’s the old Bill Russell vs Wilt Chamberlain, or perhaps Scholes vs Gerrard, debate.

It was actually ropz who ended as the MVP for the event, with an incredibly composed performance in the final and all the way throughout the event, as has become his modus operandi. He’s so consistently good at everything he does, so clean, so few mistakes.

He’s like an AI trained to play for a karrigan team.

While Cloud9 had moments, they were never really in the final. They picked up just seven CT rounds on Overpass and four T rounds on Inferno, and though they pulled a map back, it always felt like a matter of time.

And then the dissection began.

Fingers were, as always, aimed at nafany. He did, after all, go 48-83, and continues to be unable to win big events despite the form of Ax1Le and sh1ro. But sh1ro himself went missing on Inferno, collecting just five kills over the whole map, and buster continues to be a baffling sidegrade.

Alas, worrying about the team who finished second at the event seems a bit silly. Instead, it’s more interesting to look at Twistzz, and whether he truly deserves legendary status.

It’s getting harder and harder to find an argument against him.

At the very least, he’s the best player NA has ever produced. But that’s faint praise.

March 26, 2023

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