Tying up loose ends

Elliott Griffiths
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  • NiKo and huNter- have confirmed a longer stay at G2... how long, you ask? Well, a “f*ckton of years and a half”, apparently.
  • 00Nation have benched leo_drk after the team’s disappointing performance at the RMR. biguzera and Lucaozy are the touted replacements; both of whom are solid players.
  • Apparently, there’s still nobody who wants jks. Though in fairness Jason, it was your team’s performance that made some people doubt if he was any good.
  • ISSAA has officially transitioned to VALORANT. We don’t want to seem rude, but we thought this had already happened.
  • TYLOO have added LETN1 as their coach. No, we don’t really understand either.
May 8, 2022

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