TYLOO save BnTeT from free agent hell

Harry Richards
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Source: ESL

If TYLOO was a player, they would be BnTeT. Erratic, much better at home, but most importantly really damn fun.

So the news of him returning to TYLOO seems to be a no-brainer. They get their old star and IGL back ahead of an all-important 2022 season where the squad are going to try their best to stay in Europe.

And BnTeT isn’t just an IGL, he’s probably the best Asian player even after two quite disappointing years at Gen G and Extremum. And when we say disappointing, it wasn’t exactly BnTeT’s fault - he’s only had one negative event in the last two years.

Two years in the tier 1.5 (sorry, Australia. not sorry, NA) international scene can’t have harmed BnTeT and if he can get back to his superstar numbers of 2017 then who knows, TYLOO should be a good underdog team again.

This might be a bit of wishful thinking on our part. The more TYLOO win, the more of their crazy off-meta games (and Summer’s crazy flicks) we get to see.

But re-adding BnTeT should be a good start in that direction. Touch wood.

February 3, 2022

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