Underdogs falter in Cologne semis

Harry Richards
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Source: ESL

If you have heard that IEM Cologne is the third Major, and the first matches from the tournament you watched were the semifinals - we’re truly sorry for you.

When you have one player trying desperately to solo-carry his well-meaning, but largely ineffective team, you instantly think of s1mple trying to get Edward and flamie to a Grand Final, while electronic lends a hand here and there.

But we’re not in 2019 anymore, and instead it was blameF doing his best s1mple-cosplay, as Astralis huffed and puffed, but never really got close to a win against NAVI in their semifinal.

On Nuke the Danes managed one AWP kill. One.

Is it too much to say that Danish CS needs dev1ce to come back, and pronto?

farlig did come a little bit more alive on Mirage, but it was k0nfig’s sniping that looked the better of the two.

Astralis put in one of their trademark CT defenses, and got 12 on the board after losing the first few rounds. But then the pendulum swung, and hard, as NAVI plowed their way back, with b1t leading the charge.

The Danes squandered four map-points at 15-11, to lose 17-19 in overtime, but the victory never truly felt like it was in danger for NAVI.

FaZe barely broke a sweat following their arch rivals into the Grand Final, as they disposed of Movistar Riders in two swift maps.

The heater that the Spanish team was on got extinguished by Mr Kool, who simply rolled them over and showed them what real experience looks like.

11 CT rounds more or less sealed the win for FaZe on Ancient, as they closed it out 16-12 in the 2nd half. On Nuke it was even worse for Movistar Riders, as they conceded 7 T round losses, and FaZe didn’t waste any time as the defenders, taking 9 out of 10 rounds for a 16-9 victory.

Fair play to Astralis and Movistar, who had an amazing run, and thank god we get to watch a NAVI vs FaZe Grand Final.

July 17, 2022

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