valde’s knight in slightly rusted armour

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by Crash_ Source: OG

Oh finally, somebody has saved valde from No- er, OG!

What great team has saved him? Has he finally got his big Astralis move? Have FaZe come steaming in? Have G2 changed course?

No, it might just be EG according to 1pv. No bird or plane here, but certainly no superman either.

EG is a bitterly disappointing move for valde fans, but it’s lowkey quite an exciting team. If Brehze turns back into BrEZ instead of whatever the hell he’s been for the last few months, this team is fun again.

valde, autimatic, Brehze with CeRq and Stewie backing them up?

We’re tentatively excited. Assuming those moves also end up going through, of course.

valde brings some small-site speciality in a region where intelligent role players are suspiciously absent, hopefully allowing the others to shine. Though maybe it would make more sense for them to build around him, than Stewie. NA gonna do what NA gonna do.

Quite what this means for OG, we’re not at all sure. But this is the NA shuffle section, so you’re not here to hear about them. Let’s talk more about NA.

Minor NA shuffle news

  • Complexity are likely re-entering NA with an Extra Salt-themed quintet that looks like something of an NACS superfans’ wet dream. floppy, junior, Grim on one team joined by JT and FaNg? Sign us up.
  • oSee and shox were confirmed by Liquid as Liquid attempt to rebuild. We’ve spoken before about this team, and oSee certainly makes it more intriguing, but it’s not super dangerous just yet.
  • Extra Salt are picking up daps and allowing him to re-design their roster. RUSH, Infinite, Minus and Swisher will make up their new team.
January 2, 2022

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