Valve cave in to pro gamer pressure

Elliott Griffiths
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Apparently there was some outcry about a gun being overpowered in CSGO? Down here in Gold Nova, everything is OP, so we didn't notice.

The infamous SG, and along with it Brollan, has been nerfed. Thorin reckons ropz might struggle, but he was instantly rebutted. Poor guy can't catch a break.

Its high rate of fire, crazy damage and scope have made it the enemy of CT players everywhere, and the Rate of Fire and accuracy were hit. It feels and sounds more like a scoped LMG nowadays; it's kinda strange.

Source: Data by FANDOM Wiki

However, they made some other changes that were less universally accepted. The Bizon buff was disliked by silver players, who claimed it was already OP, while players with arms were more upset about the buff to the Deagle.

Buff to the Deagle? What could they possibly buff? The damage is already ridiculous, able to two hit kill for no discernible reason, and it can win pretty much any gunfight if the skill is there. Of course, Valve know best, and they realised we hadn't seen enough jumping Deagle kills.


A small price decrease might bring the M4A1-S back into use, as now you can die after running out of bullets for $200 cheaper. The AUG got a small buff to its accuracy (don't worry) while the Tec-9 got an accuracy buff too (maybe worry).

Oh, and Anubis got added to Competitive, and the wall by door to A site balcony is now bingelibangable... Us neither.

April 12, 2020

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