Valve unsuccessfully try to nerf the M4A1-S

Phillip Rasmussen

Illustration by NovaH.

Old man yells at cloud. That’s more or less the TLDR staff’s reaction to Valve “nerfing” the M4A1-S by decreasing its mag size from 25 to 20.

You read that right.

No change to the price, the time to kill or the silencer. In fact, they’ve increased the overall amount of reserve ammunition from 75 to 80, making it a zero-sum game.

It’s like IOC banning Russian athletes from competitions, but allowing them to participate under a neutral flag. Nonsensical.

Maybe they should do something drastic about it. Like, what about making it an AWP without scope? Anything is better than this.

It’s not all bad though. Ancient has got some cool quality of life upgrades, removing a few unintended design issues, and re-arranging the B site slightly.

And then there’s this hidden gem:


-Increased bomb explosion damage from 500 to 620

What does that mean Mr TLDR? Well, it means that you now need to get your ass out of the bombsites, when the bomb has been planted if you want to survive.

No more stacking in pit and surviving if you plant for apps on A for example. This effectively means you’ll need to think more before plotting down the bomb.

If you’d like a visual example of how far away you now need to get, we have made a super easy overview on our Twitter.

June 16, 2022

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