VAMOOOOOO Major time

Elliott Griffiths
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Illustration by ANDY

It’s time.

The wait is over, the Major is finally here. If you’re reading this email in the morning in Europe, it’s just a few hours to wait.

If you’re reading it in the afternoon, because you’re either American or a degenerate (same thing, etc.), then why are you reading this and not opening two streams at once to absorb every drip of Counter-Strike that the gods have decreed?

Among the gods, there is a special kind of god - the Sun Gods, who are bringing the party atmosphere. Not that Rio needs any more of that.

Brazil is overwhelmed by Counter-Strike, and it’s making for some of the coolest imagery we’ve ever seen (was that photoshop or drones? Not sure.)

Still, this picture is the best we’ve seen so far, with Jame and the statue made in his honor:

This might be the biggest and best event of all time, and that’s only intensified by the fact that we have no idea who is going to win the whole thing. Seriously. FaZe and NaVi come in as favourites, but both have been sketchy as of late.

Vitality looked superb at Pro League, but that’s just been one event, and Team Liquid are, for the most part, American, so they can’t win.

Cloud9 have struggled in front of crowds in the past, while FURIA might not be good enough to take advantage of the crazy support they’re going to get from the crowds in the arena.

We absolutely cannot wait.

FURIA offers Brazil’s best chance at a home team making it to the upper echelons, but we’d love to see a fairytale Imperial or 00NATION run. If you say you wouldn’t want to see that, you’ve either got a cold, black heart, or you’re lying.

Get ready for a carnival of Counter-Strike.

October 30, 2022

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