Video games are good, mkay

Gijs Verhoeff
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🔬 Academic skills

  • As well as not causing violence or aggression in kids at all (ask our destroyed mouse, it won’t agree), research proves games are good for ya brains.
  • Gucci Gaming can call itself a success as it has reeled in its first prize. It’s all gucci baby.

👍 Cool

  • MAJ3R wrote a trilingual twitlonger just to say “my CS career is dead, time for VALORANT”.
  • Obviously, everybody has been waiting with anticipation for your return to free agency, MSL. Can’t imagine a reason why we shouldn’t be excited.

🥴 Unluko maluko

  • Unfortunately for sjokz, COVID isn’t over just yet. Get well soon Eefje!
  • ESL have unfortunately been forced to issue a warning to teams for violence in Rio, so here’s our only ask for the Major: just be kind. We know you can be amazing.
October 30, 2022

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