Virtus Pro bench buster, add YEKINDAR

Gijs Verhoeff
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We think we're starting to notice a theme here... buster, one of Virtus Pro's main talents, has also announced his departure from the team for a temporary break. This puts the counter at four players for VP, who have stated mental fatigue as the reason for buster to take a sabbatical from professional Counter-Strike.

In the meantime, VP have announced YEKINDAR to be the replacement of buster, and explained their future plans in an extensive story on their website. Alongside with this move, Flatra has also been added as auxiliary coach. VP making good roster moves, where did you take us Doc?

This isn't the end when it comes to changes however. According to OverDrive, VP will move SANJI out of the roster once buster has recovered, and AdreN might be on the chopping block by then as well. Interesting times indeed.

May 24, 2020

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